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          Your present position: China CKV Valve Co.,Ldt.> About Us   
          About Us
          About Us
          nbsp;      KAIERTE VALVE CO., LTD. is setted up in 1992, which specializes in design, development, manufacture and sales on valves. Our company is the member of China Valve of the Association of the network with many years of production experience. Our company is equiped with precise technical machining and test facilities, large sized CNC surface grinder, ball machining center and domestically leading testing devices. We have three production bases that are located in Wenzhou Lucheng Ind. Zone, Shanghai Xinshen Ind. Zone and Lishui Ind. Zone. Our company owns total fixed assets more than 90 millions and 775 employees (incl. 7 senior engineers), which covers an area of 61000 square meters. 
                 We are certified with ISO9001, API, CE, etc. The main products are gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, check vavle, strainer per ANSI, API and DIN standard with different mateirals. Our products will be applied widely in power plants, petroleum, chemical industry, gas,  metallurgy, food, pharmaceutical, paper-making, environmental protection, fire protection, city building and scientific research etc.. According to customer's requirment, we also could design and manufacture the non-standard products.

                 The purpose of our company is to service wih good quality, to develop with continuous innovation, to build up customer oriented management principle and to service with one-up character. With the aim of “To serve as well as we can, to go as far as we will”, we are improving to be the bigger and stronger. Kaierte valve co., ltd. invites you sincerely to creat a brilliant business future together!

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